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Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Ganache

 "This is a rich, dark chocolate topping or decoration that has lots of uses. It can be whipped as filling or  icing, or just poured over whatever cake you like."

 Original recipe makes 2 cups

  •  9 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chopped
  •  1 cup heavy cream
  •  1 tablespoon dark rum (optional)


  1. Place the chocolate into a medium bowl. Heat the cream in a small sauce pan over medium heat. Bring just to a boil, watching very carefully because if it boils for a few seconds, it will boil out of the pot. When the cream has come to a boil, pour over the chopped chocolate, and whisk until smooth. Stir in the rum if desired. 
  2. Allow the ganache to cool slightly before pouring over a cake. Start at the center of the cake and WORK outward. For a fluffy frosting or chocolate filling, allow it to cool until thick, then whip with a whisk until light and fluffy.

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Chocolate Ganache
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